Arabic Makeup Masterclass

This course will help you create bold and intense dramatic make up looks that are synonymously linked with Arabian royalty and celebrities, you will concentrate on techniques and products to create flawless skin, contoured featured and a variety of winged eyeliner looks and so much more!

This course is suitable for anyone looking for the following:

Use makeup tools correctly to create different eye looks
Apply the specialist techniques of eye makeup to an advanced level
Work as a freelance makeup artist
Only 6 Students per class and live models, all makeup and equipment supplied

Call our career advisors on +91 95010 99966 with any questions you have before booking.

Duration : 1 Week

Course Description:

Flawless base application

Shading / Contouring / Correcting

Powder and cream products

Variety of eyeshadow looks:

  • Brown / Neutral
  • Dark / Dramatic
  • Colour / Glitter
  • Traditional / Modern

Single & double eyeliner techniques

Gel, cake, pencil

False Lash application

Emphasising lips techniques

Variety of looks created

Small classes to ensure you get that extra attention to detail