You are beautiful,
Let me make you Flawless
- Mehak Kawatra

The concept of HD makeup originated a few decades back. With television clarity improving, actors and news anchors were horrified to see every pore and every blemish of theirs clearly showing up on screen. The previous era of pancake makeup was out of the window and something new was needed. Drastically.

As a bride-to-be, you need to keep that in mind while finalising a make-up artist. Do not get caught in the magical aura of this new buzzword. Instead, read this article and realise that HD bridal makeup is not so much the use of fancy or expensive products, but rather, a technique that shows up well under the brutal scrutiny of a high resolution camera.

6 Steps to Get Perfect HD Bridal Makeup

#1 Moisturise and then apply the foundation

  • Moisturise your skin well (we like Olay Moisturizing Cream) and apply a primer. Stay as close to your natural skin tone as possible
  • Now begin with the foundation. Use a brush, and not your finger or sponge as has been done all these years
  • Not only will the application be more even but it will also prevent product wastage
  • If you will be facing the camera for a long time, and as bride you will, you could consider using an airbrush for the foundation

#2 Concealer

Use this to cover dark circles or blemishes. Again, use a brush and not your fingers. A light pink or peach concealer helps hide dark circles. For the rest of your face, use a tone or two lighter than the foundation.

#3 Minimise pores with a mattifier

Use a mattifier to hide fine lines or large pores. It is also useful for those pesky oily areas. You can use your fingers now to press just a small amount of the product where you need to.

#4 Powder your face

Use a colourless powder to set the foundation in place. Apply it with a brush for an even finish, making sure you pay special attention to your eyes, chin, nose and forehead.

#5 Get some colour

  • Now that the base is done, you can begin adding colour to your lips, cheek and eyes
  • The camera picks up pigments, so go easy on the amount of colour you saturate your face with
  • But this doesn’t mean that you hesitate to add a little rose to your cheeks, because the camera will make you look washed out. Avoid shimmery shades, though
  • While working on your eyebrows, remember that a heavily done brow looks odd on camera
  • Apply colour only at the base to give it definition
  • Avoid getting shimmer into the eyebrow or above the eye crease
  • The camera catches these things quickly and, trust us, the last you want to look is shiny

#6 Check the finished look

Check the look in two different light settings, inside and outside. The wedding could be indoor, but you will have photography sessions outside too, and you want the makeup to look perfect everywhere.

HD makeup for brides isn’t rocket science; you just need to know what works and what doesn’t. The only thing to remember is that on camera, matt is better than shiny.